What You Need to Know About Demolition Before You Begin

Things to Consider Before Beginning a Demolition

What to Know About DemolitionSeasons

It might seem like demolition, or explosions, would work the same in any weather. The truth is that there is more than meets the eye. You should aim for a summer or spring seasons to do demolition. The reason is that the cleanup is a major factor. If you are receiving a lot of rain or snow, it becomes difficult to get in there and clean up the debris. In turn, the job time is extended and it becomes more expensive as time goes on.


Never try to redo a flooded area with demolition with the wrong equipment. Sometimes you need dry explosion methods, and other times you want the explosion materials to merge in a wet way, depending on which way the structure needs to fall.


No matter the timeline, the budget, or the type of project, safety is the first priority for everyone. Safety is never something to skimp on. Read up on your local OSHA laws and gear up. That way you can avoid fines and have peace of mind.


Debris can go flying when you’re using explosives. Don’t wait until the last minute, driving around with a truck to grab the excess rubble. Prepare in advance. Get a big dumpster that you think can fit the debris. Then, be sure to have backups. Jobs can get out of hand faster than you imagine.

Foundation Questions

The foundation for any job can shake with demolition. This might seem like something obvious, but it can be difficult to tell if the cracks have begun under your feet. This is not something you can just eyeball. Get a professional inspector to come in if you suspect any foundation issues. You don’t want to take any chances. Make sure everyone is stationed far enough away to avoid injury.

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