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Professional fence installation

Phillips Industries Can help with Fence Installation

Looking to add a fence to your property? Phillips Industries is here to help. First, think about the purpose of the fence.

Reasons for Fencing

Fence and Gate
Big Red Brick Fence and Gate
  • Privacy
  • Marking property lines
  • Security
  • Aesthetics
  • Increased property value
  • Safety enclosure

Most everyone can identify with or want at least one, if not more, of these.


Privacy is very important to most homeowners and the best way to get that is by installing a fence. It is nice to have neighbors, but making a backyard retreat is a good thing for everyone. Modern fencing materials are attractive and benefit both parties.

Fencing Types

There is a long list of materials that are used for fencing. The type that people choose often depends on its purpose. If the barrier is for livestock, then farm fencing and barbed wire may need to be installed along with a cattle panel. Decorative wrought iron is a good choice for people who just want to add a decorative touch. The traditional cedar fence is a Phillips Industries specialty. They can do any sized job big or small.


An attractive enclosure increases the property value of a home. It makes it worth more and will sell quickly when put on the market. Quality fencing is going to pay for itself in the long run. Fencing is a good long-term investment.

Property Line

The best way to mark any property line is with fencing. It is a great way to designate what belongs to whom. This is important for anyone who owns any sized piece of land. The lines tend to get blurry among neighbors if they are not clearly designated.

Phillips Industries

Texas are lucky to have Phillips Industries working in their states. Clu Phillips is the proud owner and operator of Phillips Industries. He was born and raised in Texas and is raising his family there. Clu is all about doing a hard day’s work and providing good customer service. This is what has made the business the success that it is today.


Phillips Industries offers a wide array of services ranging from fencing to land clearing. Eliminating cedar from the land is what the business was built off of. They continue along these same lines today providing a cleaner landscape for future generations. Their diverse talents include general construction, window installation, roofing, lawn care, masonry, and much more.

Customer Service

The customer is always number one at Phillips Industries. Clu Phillips understands how important it is to put the client’s needs first by offering affordable pricing and great service. Now is the time to give Phillips Industries a call, send an email, or check out their services on line. They offer free estimates and have a very quick response time. The professional staff is ready to answer any question and they can make suggestions that make the project go easier.

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