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Land Clearing encompasses a variety of different services. While our business was founded on cedar removal, we now offer a number of other services. Whether you’re a homeowner needing your fence lines cleared, or you’re a utility company needing right-of-ways in a new subdivision, we guarantee a job well done at a competitive price. We are highly skilled, professional, and customer-focused.

Austin Area Land Clearing Services


Dozer Services

Getting land ready for construction is a challenging process that requires the assistance of trained experts. When you partner with an effective land clearing service, you can be sure to get the results you are seeking to achieve in a minimal amount of time. Phillips Industries can help you to clear land in an efficient manner so that you can move on to the next stage in your construction process.

Tree Removal Houston TX


Removing trees is often the first step that has to be taken when seeking to clear a plot of land. When removing trees, we start by working closely with the land owner or lead contractor to identify exactly which trees need to be removed. Then, we use a variety of equipment to remove all the trees in a targeted area without damaging the surrounding land. We can remove trees that lean on existing buildings by using a specialized process that ensures that your property will not be damaged. We can also remove trees in a way that preserves the surrounding environment.


Tree and Stump Removal

When removing trees, it is critical to ensure that you fully remove your trees so that they do not grow back. Our tree and stump removal services pull trees out from their roots, and this ensures that they are removed forever. Some contractors try to cut down trees while leaving the stumps where they are, but this is unsightly and presents a potential hazard for homeowners. We use bulldozers to rip trees out of the ground and to smooth the land when we are done. Our tree and stump removal services will, therefore, eliminate trees of any size in any area of your property.


Tree Trimming San Antonio

Over time, trees can often grow old and ugly. The best way to give your property a new look is to trim your existing trees to get them looking their best. We have years of experience working with a wide range of trees that are found throughout Texas, so we can adjust the extent of our trimming for each species of tree on your property. Tailoring our tree trimming services to different trees minimizes the chances of your trees dying due to over trimming. Our services, therefore, provide the tree trimming San Antonio homeowners need to get their properties looking great.

Road Building

Building on new land often necessitates creating roads so that contractors can bring heavy equipment to the building site. We can build roads on your property that help you to achieve your objectives. When building a road, we start by clearing and leveling the land that will be used. Next, we pour a firm foundation before building the surface of the road itself. We can build roads from gravel, concrete, asphalt, and other common building materials that are used for roads. Whether building a temporary road for a construction project or a permanent road for a homeowner, we can provide the expertise necessary to get the job done right.

Tree Removal Houston TX and Other Services

Although our company specializes in removing trees, we can offer a wide variety of other services related to land clearing. We can build fences, demolish buildings, and develop existing land. We also can pour concrete slabs and care for your lawn. We can even act as a general contractor to install new roofing, windows, and drywall. Get in touch with our company today to learn more about what we have to offer.

Our Land Clearing Services Include:

As native Texans, we understand how destructive cedar can be to our lands, consuming excessive amounts of water and overtaking other vegetation, inhibiting its growth and ultimately disrupting nature’s ecosystem. Not only that, it causes moderate to severe allergies in countless people each year. Phillips Industries specializes in the removal of this invasive species, leaving your property in a healthier and more beautiful state, and in turn increasing its value.

There are several different ways to remove and dispose of cedar depending on the result you want to achieve, including mulching, shredding, chipping, shearing, and stump grinding.


  • Tree or Brush Removal Other than Cedar
  • Demolition
  • Fence Lines
  • Site Prep & Cleanup
  • Right-of-ways
  • Roads & Driveways
  • Forestry & Reforestation
  • Fire Suppression & Pre-Suppression
  • Recreational Clearing


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