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Construction can offer support at any phase of the project, from scheduling and needs assessments to the final building phase. We have the resources to assist the designer with construction issues, special needs of the client and value engineering while providing continuous budgeting assessments throughout the duration of the project. Phillips Industries Construction specializes in the following construction management services:

  • Needs Assessment, Project Phasing and Scheduling
  • Budgeting, Estimating and Cost Control
  • Project Managing and Field Supervision
  • Quality Control
  • Bidding, Scoping, Negotiating and Awarding Subcontracts

Phillips Industries specializes in the following general construction services:

General Contractor Texas


Popular Construction Services Though we offer free consultations and estimates for budgetary purposes, many of our clients take advantage of the Phillips Industries Comprehensive Bid Package. With this package we are able to transform your plans into a detailed and comprehensive “not to exceed” bid package.

The Phillips Industries Comprehensive Bid Package includes:

  • Compiling a complete materials list
  • Accurate scheduling and timeline grid
  • Site management details
  • Complete list of qualified subcontractors to fit your needs

The comprehensive bid helps to eliminate any price discrepancies after construction starts. Use the Phillips Industries Comprehensive Bid Package as a solid scope of work reference to obtain multiple bids and to assure other general contractors are bidding on the same scope of work. If you decide to go with us, our fee for the Phillips Industries Construction Comprehensive Package would then be subtracted from your bid.

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